Posted 18/05/2022

PTR Holistic Forage Consulting

PTR Holistic Forage Consulting Ltd. is an agriculture consulting service covering all things forages and grazing, and livestock handling and nutrition. This small start-up business provides unbiased knowledge and expertise in these areas and more.

This consulting business was created by a team of one in September 2021. Made out of a passion for helping others and sharing knowledge about plants and rangeland ecology, as well as livestock production and grazing management, PTR Holistic Forage Consulting is founded by Karin Lindquist, a former forage-beef specialist from the Ag-Info Centre. She has over 5 years of experience with agriculture consulting and extension and over 30 years of experience in the farming sector. Karin grew up on a farm northwest of Edmonton, where her interests in ecology and cattle were born.

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Please email Karin at or phone (text or call) 1(780)289-9143. Ask for availability upon request. Karin is available to service all over Alberta and parts of Western Canada.

Mobile/On-Site Service