Posted 03/05/2022

Spent Grains from Craft Brewing - Ongoing and Free for pickup by arrangement!

We have a Craft Brewery in Calgary that produces about 7,000 to 12,000 kg of clean, fresh, spent grains a month from our brewing operations. We are looking for an ongoing, reliable, once to four times weekly pick up of our spent grains - which makes great cattle feed. You should be a larger cattle farm near Calgary who can reliably pick up our grain one to four times a week. We are located near Glenmore and Deerfoot in the SE.
We can work out how to bin it or have it pushed into a dump trailer. Each batch (one pick-up of grain) is about 1,200 kg of moist spent grains. There are other breweries nearby who would also like a better way to get rid of their grains than paying to have them sent to compost so it would be possible to set up a route for pick-ups from several breweries.

No Minimum
Feed (Not Hay)
Pick Up Only