Posted 19/04/2022

Genetic Management Solutions

At Herdsman Solutions Our goal is simple: add value to our customers' operations. We understand the pride and work that goes into building a herd that achieves your performance goals while maintaining functionality and profitability. We want to arm you with a tool kit and resource bank that allows you to take your herd in whatever direction you desire.

From heifer development to improving carcass quality or feed efficiency, no matter your goal we will be there to help. If you’ve never collected DNA, or if you are unsure how to decipher all those numbers in the bull catalog, we will not only show you but also TEACH you. If you already use genomic and EPD data in your program, great! We can use that data and create solutions that allow you to get the most out of your cattle.

Our EPD program and genomic testing provide customers with predictable performance. We will come to visit you, tour your operation and establish goals and needs. Once you have a clear goal in mind we will then build a custom program designed to help you meet those goals. From DNA collection, AI services, estrus synchronization programs, picturing, and genetic sourcing to helping arrange pregnancy testing, marketing options, and much more. We work alongside other industry professionals to provide our customers with products and services they can rely on.