Help Guide

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Promote Your Listing

Promoting your listing guarantees that your listing will always be near the top of the page based on search, on the All Listings page and the appropriate category page that your listing belongs to. Your listing will be promoted for 7 days and costs as little as $7.00 CAD. We have a quick and easy payment form that accepts all major credit cards. You will be emailed a receipt of your purchase. Please check your spam inbox after purchase if you have not received it. 

You can promote your listing during the Create a Listing process. Once your listing is published, we will give you the option to promote it. If you're not sure or not ready, that's okay! You can always promote your listing later. 

At any time, you can go to your My Profile & Listings page. Click on Promote on any listing. This will take you to the payment form.  

After the 7 days, your listing will no longer be promoted and will be viewed in the order that it was published. You can re-promote your listing if you choose to do so.