Help Guide

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Create a Listing

To publish a listing on Farming the Web, click on ‘Create a Listing’ in the top navigation or in the footer.

To create a listing, you will be required to go through the following steps. 

  1. Select a Category 
  2. Fill out the form with the details of your listing
  3. To publish a Listing, you will need an account
    1. Create an Account
    2. Login to your Account  
  4. Review your Listing 
  5. Publish 

Listing Categories

Your listing can fall under 1 of the following 6 categories:

  1. Hay, Straw & Other Feeds
  2. Livestock & Working Animals
  3. Pasture & Land for Lease or Sale
  4. Farm Equipment
  5. Services & Contracting
  6. Other

Listings Types

Below are examples of listings that could apply to each category:

Hay, Straw & Other Feeds
Hay, Straw, Salts & Minerals, etc. 

Livestock & Working Animals 
Breeding Animals, Goats, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Cows, Horses, Foals, Calfs, Bees, etc.

Pasture & Land for Lease or Sale
Land for Lease, Land for Sale, Land Used for Hay, Pasture, Crop, etc.

Farm Equipment
Tractors, Bailers, Trailers, etc.

Services & Contracting 
Carpentry, Fencing, Labourer, etc. 

Anything that may not fit within the categories above but is still appropriate to be listed on Farming the Web.