January 28, 2023

Cover Crop Training with Karin Lindquist - FaRM Program

Join Alberta Farmers for a 2 Part workshop on Cover Cropping on Jan 28th and February 4th from 1-3 MT.

Cover crops are a powerful tool for improving soil health! They can help address agronomic challenges like droughty or waterlogged soils, erosion, and poor soil structure, as well as improve fertility and interrupt pest and disease cycles.

We’ll cover topics like:
-Cover crop fundamentals, including their benefits and how to reduce costs
-Understanding different species
-How to choose the right species for your conditions and the problem you want to tackle
-How to work cover crops into your rotation
-Methods for seeding, management, and termination
-Monitoring soil health

You will also gain access to free online courses, resources, access to farmer mentors and also farmer social networks in your area to help you implement these practices on your farm through the Farm Resilience Mentorship (FaRM) program at www.farmlearninghub.ca.